Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quite time with Jesus

              My Favorite times of the day are when i'm with my wife and kids. And also the time i spend with Jesus praying. I was thinking one night as i was praying. Why not just talk to him, like he's sitting right here in the same room. Instead of saying the same old kinds of prayer. So i tried it and it was great. You can feel the Lord talk back to your heart .But you know, you dont have to be at a lost for words, just open your heart with all your worries and frustrations. And just tell him, how much you do Love him. And you will begin to feel yourself being lifed up by him. Jesus wants to hear from us everyday, so tell him how your day went, good or bad. He's there for you always. And most of all waiting to Forgive and to Love. Peace St. Raphael

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