Sunday, February 4, 2018

Angels & Dragons VIII: St. Gemma Galgani Relic - ATX Catholic

Angels & Dragons VIII: St. Gemma Galgani Relic - ATX Catholic: A fierce female dragon slayer! St. Gemma Galgani died at the young age of 25 on April 11, 1903 (Feast Day), but she lived an extraordinary life. She wanted to be a Passionist religious nun but was not accepted due to her health so she joined the lay Passionist association and took private vows as... [Read More]

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Angels & Dragons VII: Transferences - ATX Catholic

Angels & Dragons VII: Transferences - ATX Catholic: In the heat of the spiritual battle there is a lot clashing of swords, shields, spears, and other armor in the fight between St. Michael and his angels defending us against the dragon and his angels. (Rev. 12:7) Sometimes the good guys get wounded in the tussle and scuffle. Concerning deliverance prayers, the good news... [Read More]

Monday, December 25, 2017

Medjugorje Message December 25, 2017

Message, 25. December 2017

“Dear children! Today I am bringing to you my Son Jesus for Him to give you His peace and blessing. I am calling all of you, little children, to live and witness the graces and the gifts which you have received. Do not be afraid. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to be joyful witnesses and people of peace and hope. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Message to Mirjana - December 2, 2017

Message to Mirjana - December 2, 2017

Today, Our Lady appeared to Mirjana Soldo and gave the following message:
     I'm addressing you as your mother. Mother of the just, mother of those who love and suffer. Mother of the Holy ones. My children, you also can be holy. It depends on you. Holy are those who immensely love the Heavenly Father. Those who love him above all. Therefore, my children, always try to be better. If you try to be good, you can be holy even if you don't think about yourself like this. If you think that you’re good, you are not humble and then arrogance will distance you from the holiness. In this restless world, full of threats; your hands, apostles of my love, should be extended in prayer and mercy. And to me, my children, give as a gift a garden of roses. Roses that I love so much. My roses are your prayers expressed with heart, and not only spoken with your lips. My roses are your acts of prayer, of faith and of love. When he was little, my son told me that my children will be many and that many roses they will bring to me. I did not comprehend him. Now I know that you are those children who bring me roses when, above all, you love my son. When you pray with heart, when you help the poorest, those are my roses. That is the faith which makes that everything in love is done through love. That one does not know about arrogance and that we are always ready to forgive, never to judge. Always try to understand your brother. Therefore, apostles of my love, pray for those who do not know to love, those who do not love you, those who did evil to you, those who did not come to know the love of my son. My children, I'm asking this of you because, remember, to pray means to love and to forgive. Thank you.